About Firestar

The Company

When it comes to fighting fatigue, Purity Health Limited is one of the leading nutraceutical companies in the world, and one of the only companies to produce an energy supplement that you eat rather than drink. The core ethos of Purity is to offer consumers Smarter and Healthier choices to support and improve all aspects of their increasingly busy lifestyles.

The Product

Firestar comes in a 2.5g sachet, the tasty crystals are poured directly onto the tongue, and then eaten like a sweet. It is the smallest, strongest, most portable, and most efficacious energy product on the market today. Firestar represents a paradigm shift in energy technology. With less than 10 calories per serve Firestar is designed for active lifestyles. Firestar augments mental and physical performance in a controlled manner, without the jitters and crash of yesterday's energy offerings. It doesn't matter if its work, sport, or play Firestar's Intelligent Energy system will allow you to be at your best. Try Firestar today and don't look back. Products

Outperforms Energy Drinks

Firestar is the only energy product on the market to use pharmaceutical technology to give a constant release of caffeine over time ensuring that it fights fatigue longer. It has far less calories than most energy drinks, and is available in various refreshing flavours. Nothing is stronger, more convenient or lasts longer. The Benefits

Keeps You Alert

Proven to combat both mental and physical fatigue, Firestar will keep you alert longer whilst driving, studying, and working, or help you work harder whilst exercising or competing in sport. When To Use Firestar