The Benefits Of Firestar

FireStar products outperforms energy drinks in all areas. With multiple benefits why would you choose anything else?

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Outperforms Energy Drinks

Firestar is the only energy product on the market to use pharmaceutical technology to give a constant release of caffeine over time ensuring that it fights fatigue longer. Nothing is stronger, more convenient or lasts longer.

Longer Lasting

Tiny proprietary microcapsules within Firestar slowly release energy for up to 4 hours helping you to fight fatigue for longer. Firestar outperforms other energy products.


Low Calories

Most energy drinks contain large amounts of sugar. You can drink over 220 calories in a single serve, more than 10% of your daily recommended intake, and over 100% of the recommended dose of sugar for a adult woman. Firestar contains less than 10 calories per serve, making it ideal for those on a diet or just watching their weight.


Truly Portable

Firestar is there when you need it. It can be carried in a wallet, pocket or purse and used at any time anywhere. With no need for chilling, Firestar tastes great anywhere.


Great Flavours

Firestar's technology masks the bitter taste of its active ingredients. Without the need to use vast amounts of flavours and sweeteners all Firestar products taste fantastic.


Helps Weight Loss

Firestar aids the break down of lipids, and slows the breakdown of glycogen which can be advantageous for endurance sports and weight loss.


Better Value

At only £1 per sachet and with the capability of combatting fatigue for as long as 2 energy drinks or 2 regular premium coffees, why would you choose anything else? Firestar, the Smart Choice

VSOther Products

Firestar Rockstar Monster Relentless Red Bull Venti Latte
Volume 25 500 500 500 250 473
Format crystals drink drink drink drink drink
Packaging sachet can can can can can
Caffeine (mg) 120-180 160 160 160 80 150
Srt* yes no no no no no
Effect Duration** 2-4 hrs 1 hr 1 hr 1 hr 45 mins 1 hr
Requires Chilling no yes yes yes yes no
Wallet Sized yes no no no no no
Price*** £1.00 £2.50 £2.50 £2.50 £1.75 £2.75
*SRT - sustained release technology **market estimates ***price varies