Firestar When To Use Firestar

Lifestyles are increasingly demanding, so it's important that you can operate at your best, whatever you do, wherever and whenever you do it. Firestar was developed to enable you to do just that.

Keeping You Alert

Proven to combat both mental and physical fatigue, Firestar will keep you alert longer whilst driving, studying, and working, or help you work harder whilst exercising or competing in sport.


Whether you are a salesman on the road, an executive overcoming jetlag, or working the late shift Firestar will give you the edge that you need to succeed.


Firestar will enhance your mental and physical performance and can be used in any sport whether its power, technical or endurance based.


Whether in a lecture or a library you can't study effectively when tired. Firestar sustained release technology combats fatigue without jitters and crashes allowing you to make the most of your time.


Fatigue is a major contributor to many accidents. Firestar's sustained release technology helps you stay alert for longer, and is far more convenient than a large volume of sweet fizzy liquid.


We all suffer from fatigue at some point. Firestar is a reliable and healthy way of making sure you are always at your best.


Fed up with paying a fortune for unhealthy sugar filled drinks? Now you can make the most of your free time without overdosing on sugar.